What if your child is injured at a daycare?

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When I started practicing personal injury law, one of the areas of my practice that developed that surprised me was the number of daycares I either had to sue or make a claim against.

I remember the first day that I dropped off our son and daughter at daycare. You realize at that moment that you’re trusting strangers to care for your child. 

What do you do if your child is injured at daycare? 

Fortunately, most daycares are insured. They can get a specific rider on their insurance policy in case one of their employees at the daycare abuses a child. Now, what does that say? It says that the industry itself knows that this can happen and they insure themselves against it. 

If your child is injured and/or abused at a daycare, I want you to know that you can get compensation for your child. It is not going to come out of the pocket necessarily of the person who owns the daycare, or the teacher who you’ve grown to like. 

If somebody at that daycare has injured your child, let us help you make a claim on your child’s behalf.

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