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Million Dollars

(Auto Accident)

Attorney's Fees: $2,400,000
Medical: $66,275.87
Total: $3,460,736.01

Million Dollars

(Auto Accident)

Attorney's Fees: $780,000
Medical: $255,289.55
Net to Client: $870,133.42

Million Dollars

(Auto Accident)

Attorney's Fees: $780,000
Medical: $75,686.26
Net to Client: $1,075,786.08

Truck accident attorney in Tyler, TX

Your Truck Accident Story

The Problem

A collision with an 18-wheeler is life-altering in so many ways. It leaves you hurting. But we can help.

Truck accident lawyers in Tyler TX who help victims recover

You are hurting.

You were involved in a collision with a truck. You have the pain to deal with and, as bad as it is, that’s not all. How are you going to pay the medical bills? And what about your truck? It leaves you asking, “Where do I start?”

Truck accident attorneys in Tyler Texas who get justice for truck wreck victims

You want the justice you deserve, but you don't know how to get it.

The accident wasn’t your fault. And while no amount of money can take the pain away, you deserve compensation for your medical bills, the repair or replacement of your vehicle, any wages you’ve lost while being forced away from work, the emotional toil it’s taking on your mind and body, etc.

Hire the 18-wheeler accident lawyer who will help you get the compensation you deserve

You're outmatched.

You know you’re going to face a multi-million dollar insurance company. And they have an experienced truck accident attorney whose job is to minimize the compensation you receive. It’s totally overwhelming to think about when you’re dealing with everything else.

Explore The McGuire Firm truck accident law firm in Tyler Texas

You hear about us.

Whether it was through a friend or coworker, someone told you about us and now you’re here. You’ve heard big promises from truck accident lawyers in Tyler, TX, and you want to know if we deliver on ours.

Truck Accident Lawyers Who Can Help

The Plan

We’ve helped seemingly countless East Texans move from victim to victory in the wake of an accident. And here’s how we can help you.

Talk with truck accident lawyers in Tyler TX who care about you

You talk with us.

You visit with our team (for free) and it feels like talking with close friends. We listen to you. We learn your story and evaluate your case. Though you were skeptical, it’s now obvious to you that we care about you and your well-being. You know you’re in good hands and you’re ready to move forward.

Have a meticulous truck accident attorney evaluate your case

We investigate your case.

Our team of investigators and accident reconstruction experts investigate your accident, interview witnesses, and establish the facts. We don’t miss a detail. We know what to look for to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Hire the 18 wheeler accident law firm in Tyler TX with experience on both sides of the courtroom

Your case is settled (or taken to trial).

Most cases are resolved through settlement, but we won’t be caught off guard. So, we meticulously prepare every case as though it’s going to trial. Because we’ve worked seemingly countless hours on both sides of the courtroom, we know the opposing arguments before they’re made. And we maintain constant contact with you along the way.

Choose the truck wreck attorneys who get results

We lead you to victory.

With every client, we have one aim—winning. Because our truck accident lawyers are natural competitors who legitimately want what’s best for their clients, it’s hard to overstate the joy of getting to see our clients move from hurting to healing. And that next client can be you.

So Don’t Wait. Get the Help You Need.

Truck Accident Lawyers in East Texas

Meet the team

Shane McGuire, personal injury attorney in Tyler Texas

Personal Injury Attorney

Kevin Rhyne, personal injury lawyer in Tyler, TX

Personal Injury Attorney

Truck Accident FAQs

Common questions

Have some questions you want answered before you pick up the phone? We have you covered.

How much does it cost to discuss my truck wreck case

How much does it cost to discuss my case?

Nothing. Case evaluations are completely free and they’re the first step toward receiving the compensation you deserve. So, get in touch to schedule a time to talk with an experienced 18-wheeler accident lawyer in Tyler.

If you evaluate my 18-wheeler accident case, do I have to hire you

After the free case evaluation, do I have to hire you?

No. Once we’ve evaluated your case, you’re free to hire whoever you want. There’s no bait & switch. Talking with us has no strings attached. It’s a no-obligation conversation that lets you see how we can help.

Will you pressure me into hiring your 18 wheeler accident law firm in Tyler Texas

Will you pressure me into hiring you?

No. We cannot stand high-pressure sales. When you meet with our truck accident attorney in Tyler, TX, he’ll get to know you and your case. If we can help, he’ll let you know. Then, you decide. It’s that simple.

How much does it cost to hire an 18 wheeler wreck lawyer in Tyler

How much does it cost for you to represent me?

If we don’t win, it costs you nothing—at all. And that’s not good for you or us. So, as you can imagine, we work tirelessly to get you what you deserve.

Should I hire a truck accident law firm in Tyler TX

Do I really need to hire a truck accident attorney?

Yes. The insurance company you’ll face in the courtroom will be represented by a highly-skilled lawyer who is there to minimize your compensation. Hiring us puts someone there to maximize it.

When I should I hire an 18 wheeler accident law firm

When should I contact a truck accident lawyer?

Now. The further you get from the time of your accident, the more leverage the insurance company gains to question the origin of your injuries. So don’t wait to call. Get the help you need now!

The McGuire Firm personal injury law service area

Where else do you serve?

Our service area encompasses:

  • East Texas (e.g. Tyler, Longview, Texarkana, Lufkin, Nacogdoches, Corsicana, Marshall, Jacksonville, Palestine, Mt. Pleasant, and Beaumont)
  • Northeast DFW (e.g. Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Denton, and Sherman)
How do I schedule a truck wreck case evaulation

How do I schedule my free case evaluation?

You can call us or email us at anytime. If we’re out of the office when you get in touch, then we will contact you when we return to schedule your free case evaluation. Again, it’s free and there’s no obligation, so get in touch.

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