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You’re Hurt

The Problem

Your injury isn’t your fault, but you have to face the pain. And the (constant) worry. And the stress. 

1. You've been injured.

Yes, you’re physically injured, but that’s just the beginning. Medical expenses are piling up. And your paycheck will be lighter this time because you’re off work dealing with this. And without your car, how are you supposed to get to work, anyway?

2. You need justice, but you're not sure how to get it.

The accident wasn’t your fault, so you know those responsible owe you some money. But how much? And how do you get them to pay?

3. You're totally outmatched.

The multi-million dollar insurance company has an personal injury attorney who knows the law like the back of his hand. And he’s there to minimize your compensation. But the thought of being unfairly compensated after all of this is too much to handle.

4. You hear about us.

Whether it was through a friend or coworker, someone told you about us and you decide to check us out. A lot of law firms seem to talk a “big talk”, so you want to see if we can deliver on our promises. 

But There’s Hope

The Plan

We get it. You’re exhausted. You need rest. You need the compensation you deserve. And you need a personal injury firm that can help you get there.

1. You (actually) enjoy your free case evaluation. And, surprisingly, it's (actually) free.

Your meeting with us isn’t stuffy. There’s no gimmicky nonsense and no pressure to do anything. And you’re surprised that you legitimately enjoy the conversation.

You feel heard and understood. And you know you’re talking to people who genuinely want to help.


2. You get the medical care you need & a rental car to drive—immediately.

While accident victims are notorious for refusing healthcare, you agree with us that your health is not worth the risk. So, we get you the medical care you need—even if you don’t have insurance.

And we get you into a rental car immediately (no waiting on the insurance company). 

3. We begin our investigation.

Our investigators and accident reconstruction experts investigate your accident and interview witnesses so we can build your case. And we’re meticulous when it comes to detail. So, we leave no stone unturned.

4. You get the compensation you deserve.

If the insurance company agrees to pay what you deserve outside of court, then we’ll settle your case. But if not, we’ll go to trial. Either way, we’ll fight to get you every cent you deserve.

Don’t Wait. Get the Help You Need.

Longview Personal Injury Lawyers

Our story

After beginning as an associate at one firm and later becoming a partner at another, Shane’s desire to own his own practice led him to open The McGuire Firm. Today, we handle personal injury cases in Longview and across the Eastern District of Texas. And we would love to serve you.

Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Longview, TX

Meet the team

Shane McGuire, Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Attorney

Daniel Cook, Personal Injury Attorney

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Arron Swink, Personal Injury Attorney

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Recent Case Results

How we’ve helped

You need to know that your law firm can deliver. Here are some of our most recent case results.

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Million Dollars

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Longview Personal Injury FAQs

Common questions

Have some questions you want answered before you pick up the phone? We have you covered.

How much does a case evaluation cost?

Nothing. We’ll evaluate your case free of charge. And it’s the first step toward getting the compensation you deserve. So, get in touch to schedule a time to talk.

If you evaluate my case, do I have to hire you?

No. After your case evaluation, you’re free to hire us—or not. There are no-strings attached. Its (actually) a free case evaluation.

Will you pressure (or manipulate) me to hire you?

Absolutely not. We hate that kind of stuff. Once you’ve talked with us, you’ll know if we’re the right fit for you. Then, you make the call. It’s that simple.

If I decide to hire you, how much do I have to pay?

Well, if we don’t win, you don’t pay anything—at all. And since we attach our well-being to that of our clients, we’re all the more driven to get you what you deserve.

Do I really need a personal injury attorney?

Yes. You’re going up against an insurance company. And they’ll have a personal injury attorney who knows personal injury law like the back of his hand. And his job? Well, he’s there to minimize your compensation. And you hire us to maximize it.

When should I call a personal injury attorney?

Now. The further you get from the time of the accident, the more leverage the insurance company gains to question the origin of your injuries. So don’t wait to call. Get the help you need now.

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