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Personal injury attorneys in Plano TX

An Injury in Plano Left You Hurting

The Problem

Your injury isn’t your fault. But that doesn’t make the pain go away. Or the worry. Or the stress. Sound familiar?

Lawyers who help people who suffer a personal injury in Plano, TX

You are injured.

You were in an accident. Sure, it’s not your fault, but you still need help, especially now that medical bills are piling up. And it doesn’t help that you’ve missed time at work. And without your car, how are you going to get around?

Injury attorneys who get justice for the hurting

You want justice.

You think to yourself, “This accident wasn’t even my fault. It isn’t fair that I have to deal with this”. You realize that in our legal system, justice is only accomplished through monetary compensation.

Personal injury lawyers who know how to win against insurance companies

There is another problem.

You are outmatched. You know that you will be up against multi-million dollar insurance companies and their lawyers. It’s overwhelming and makes your head pound. What is the solution?

Hire the right personal injury lawyer in Plano, TX

You hear about us.

Whether it was through a friend or coworker, someone told you about us and you decide to check us out. A lot of law firms seem to talk a “big talk”, so you want to see if we can deliver on our promises.

Hope After Personal Injury

The Plan

How we’ll help you move from “I’m exhausted and completely overwhelmed” to “I’m finally able to start learning post-injury (and post-financial strain) life.”

Personal Injury Attorneys Plano Texas

We evaluate your case—for free.

It’s not at all what you expected. It’s not stuffy or uncomfortable. And you don’t feel pressured to do anything. You’re surprised that you (actually) enjoy the conversation.

You feel heard and understood. You know you’re in good hands.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Plano TX

You get the medical care you need & a rental car to drive—immediately.

You know you have to get medical attention, but you’re not sure how. And how are you supposed to get around without a vehicle?

You’re shocked that we get you into a rental car immediately (no waiting on the insurance company). And we make sure you get the medical attention you need—even if you don’t have health insurance.

Personal Injury Lawyers Plano TX

We begin our investigation.

Our team of investigators and accident reconstruction experts investigate your accident, interview witnesses, and establish the facts. We don’t miss a detail. We know what to look for to make sure you have the advantage. 

Personal Injury Attorney Plano Texas

You get the compensation you deserve.

We’re hyper-competitive. And we hate losing. So, if an insurance company is willing to settle for what you deserve, then so be it. But if not, we’ll take your case to trial. Either way, we’re fighting to get you every penny you deserve.

So Don’t Wait. Get the Help You Need.

Plano Personal Injury Lawyers

Our story

After beginning as an associate attorney at one firm and later becoming a partner in a larger one, Shane’s entrepreneurial drive led him to open his own practice. Today, The McGuire Firm handles personal injury cases in Plano and across the Eastern District of Texas. And we would love to serve you.

Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Plano, TX

Our attorneys

Shane McGuire, personal injury attorney in Tyler Texas

Personal Injury Attorney

Kevin Rhyne, personal injury lawyer in Tyler, TX

Personal Injury Attorney

Recent Case Results

How we’ve helped

You need to know that your law firm can deliver. Here are some of our most recent case results.

Million Dollars

(Auto Accident)

Million Dollars

(Auto Accident)

Thousand Dollars

(Auto Accident)

Don’t Wait. Call Now. We Can Help.

Plano Personal Injury FAQs

Common questions

Have some questions you want answered before you pick up the phone? We have you covered.

How much does a case evaluation cost?

Nothing. We’ll evaluate your case free of charge. And it’s the first step toward getting the compensation you deserve. So, get in touch to schedule a time to talk.

If you evaluate my case, do I have to hire you?

No. After your case evaluation, you’re free to hire us—or not. There are no-strings attached. Its (actually) a free case evaluation.

Will you pressure (or manipulate) me to hire you?

Absolutely not. We hate that kind of stuff. Once you’ve talked with us, you’ll know if we’re the right fit for you. Then, you make the call. It’s that simple.

If I decide to hire you, how much do I have to pay?

Well, if we don’t win, you don’t pay anything—at all. And since we attach our well-being to that of our clients, we’re all the more driven to get you what you deserve.

Do I really need a personal injury attorney?

Yes. You’re going up against an insurance company. And they’ll have a personal injury attorney who knows personal injury law like the back of his hand. And his job? Well, he’s there to minimize your compensation. And you hire us to maximize it.

When should I call a personal injury attorney?

Now. The further you get from the time of the accident, the more leverage the insurance company gains to question the origin of your injuries. So don’t wait to call. Get the help you need now.