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Shane McGuire, personal injury attorney in Tyler Texas

Personal Injury Attorney

Kevin Rhyne, personal injury lawyer in Tyler, TX

Personal Injury Attorney

Tish McGuire

Tish McGuire

Business Manager

Erin O'Quinn, Legal Assistant

Erin O’Quinn

Legal Assistant


Our start

After graduating from the Texas Tech School of Law, Shane began his career as an associate attorney before becoming a partner at a larger firm. Eventually, Shane’s entrepreneurial drive led him to open his own practice. Today, The McGuire Firm is a team of attorneys that handles personal injury cases not only in Tyler, but across the state of Texas. To date, we have handled cases from East Texas to Midland and from DFW to Galveston.

How We Help

Our practice

Though we’re equipped to handle any personal injury case, auto accident cases are the focus of our practice. Why? Because we’ve developed a reputation for helping auto accident victims get the compensation they deserve.

And as those happy clients tell their friends about us, we help their friends, too. And when those friends tell their friends, we get to help more and more East Texans move from hurting to healing in the wake of a personal injury. So, if you’ve been injured in a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident, we can help.

So, don’t Wait. We’re here to Help.

Why The McGuire Firm

Our difference

In a world full of options, here’s why people choose us.

We've worked on both sides of the courtroom.

We’ve spent seemingly countless hours representing both plaintiffs (those injured) and defendants (insurance companies). So, we know the defense’s arguments—before they make them.

We make our compensation contingent upon yours.

If we don’t win, you don’t pay anything—ever. Because we connect our own livelihood to that of our clients, our clients enjoy the assurance that we’re doing what it takes to get them the compensation they deserve.

We help people move from shock & exhaustion toward rest & recovery.

We get it. Ultimately, you want to move past the legal process into the healing process. But your injury has injected so much chaos into your life that it’s hard to imagine that rest & recovery will ever truly begin. That’s what most of our clients thought—until we got them there.

We've worked 3,000+ cases, so yours isn't our first one.

With more than 3,000 cases under our belts, “This ain’t our first rodeo” isn’t cliché—it’s true. We are experienced attorneys who know what it takes to get injury victims the compensation they deserve.

Service Area

Where we serve

We serve the Eastern District of Texas, which includes the following cities in East Texas and Northeast DFW.

Allen, TX

Beaumont, TX

Corsicana, TX

Denton, TX

Frisco, TX

Greenville, TX

Henderson, TX

Jacksonville, TX

Kilgore, TX

Lufkin, TX

Marshall, TX

McKinney, TX

Mt Pleasant, TX

Nacogdoches, TX

Palestine, TX

Sherman, TX

Sulphur Springs, TX

Texarkana, TX