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3rd District Court in and for Houston County

Cause No.: 17-0029

Trial Date: August 7, 2018

Case Type: Personal Injury

Summary: My client was traveling on the loop in Crocket. Plaintiff pulled out of a private-driver, trying to cross all lanes of traffic on the loop. As she was pulling out of the parking lot onto the loop, my client was passing a vehicle on the left and couldn’t see Plaintiff. The collision occurred on the inside lane, where my client struck the rear-driver’s-side quarter panel of Plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff testified she was sore from the accident and went to her primary care physician and then a chiropractor. The police report put 100% fault on my client, and the officer issued her a citation. This was a tough trial because my client did not show up for trial (she had an emergency). So I was left to argue from reason, and from cross examination of the Plaintiff. The jury deliberated for over 2 hours and concluded that the drivers were each 50% at fault. Additionally, the jury found the chiropractor’s bill to be unreasonably high, and reduced it.

Economic Damages: $5,392.00

Verdict: $1,850.00

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