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188th District Court for Gregg County, Texas

Cause No.: 2016-2293-A

Trial Date: November 12-13, 2018

Case Type: Personal Injury

Summary: Plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle rear-ended by Defendant. Liability was clear, and we stipulated to fault. Plaintiff testified that the force of the impact was such that his spit-cup flew into the air, covering him and the driver with dip-spit. Their vehicle was totaled in the accident. Plaintiff was a supervisor at a manufacturing facility and testified that this job requires him to walk a plant that’s over 200,000 square feet, and that his ability to work  was hampered by his injuries. He treated with a chiropractor and a pain management doctor. However, he had treated with the same chiropractor previously, and admitted that his out-of-pocket expenses for those visits was far less than he was being charged in this case. Ultimately, the jury did not award his lost wages, and cut the ER bill and the chiro bill.

Economic Damages: $16,967.22

Verdict: $9,500.00

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