Simon v. Hinton

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Simon v. Hinton

County Court at Law for Smith County, Texas

Cause No.: 64,434

Trial Date: October 30, 2017

Summary: My client rear-ended the Plaintiff on Old Jacksonville Rd. in Tyler as Defendant was stopped at a red-light. We stipulated to liability. Plaintiff presented to a chiropractor a few days after the accident, but it turned out he had treated with the same chiropractor earlier that year. I subpoenaed the chiropractor to trial, and it turned out that in his file there was a futures letter from the month prior to our accident wherein the chiropractor opined that the Plaintiff would need an additional four months of treatment due to injuries sustained in the prior accident, which is about what he had after our accident. The jury awarded zero damages.

Case Type: Personal Injury

Economic Damages: $7,655.68

Evaluated Amount: $5,000.00

Verdit: $0.00

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