Hart v. Christopher

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Hart v. Christopher

217th District Court for Angelina County, Texas

Cause No.: CV-00636-15-10

Trial Date: October 23, 2017, November 1, 2017

Summary: This was an interesting case where my client pulled out in front of the Plaintiff, after receiving what I call the wave of death from another driver. That is, my client was coming out of a parking lot, trying to turn left onto the roadway, which was two lanes in each direction. A driver in the outside lane waved my client through, and as he inched out the Plaintiff’s vehicle collided with the Defendant’s. Plaintiff was taken to the ER by EMS and followed-up with a chiropractor and then a pain management doctor. However, I caught him lying on the stand about a couple matters, and the jury took it out on him in the verdict. I also argued that the charges were inflated.

Case Type: Personal Injury

Economic Damages: $24,102.57

Evaluated Amount: $12,500.00

Verdict: $1,700.00

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