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Dawn Fragoso v. Joe P. Pickens

Court: County Court at Law for Van Zandt County, Texas

Cause No.: CV04889

Trial Date: April 9, 2014

Summary: Defendant’s black cow broke through a strand of his barbed wire fence and wandered onto a state highway at night. Plaintiff hit the cow going 60 mph. Plaintiff went to the ER, and followed up with her primary care doctor and a chiropractor. Plaintiff had $20,201.80 in medical bills, and a property damage claim of $3,500.00. Van Zandt County, where the accident took place, has a Stock Law, which states the owner of a cow may not permit his cow to roam at large.

Case Type: Personal Injury

Economic Damages: $23,701.80

Last Demand: $40,000.00

Evaluated Amount: $25,000.00

Verdict: No liability

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