Betz v. Hammergren

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62nd District Court for Hopkins County, Texas

Cause No. CV43267

August 19-20, 2019

Case Type: Personal Injury

Summary: This was an odd little rear-end collision case. Plaintiff was stopped at a yield to wait for oncoming traffic. My client pulled up behind him. Plaintiff started to go, stopped again, and my client rear-ended him. My client testified that Plaintiff exited his vehicle and swore at her. Plaintiff testified that Defendant was on her phone and not paying attention. Plaintiff went to the ER and followed-up with his pain management doctor, receiving several injections. We argued that this was a “start & stop,” and that Plaintiff may have been trying to set up my client, but in any event there was no traffic coming so there was no reason to stop. The jury deliberated for a couple of hours, and ultimately placed 40% negligence on the Plaintiff and 60% on my client, and awarded only a couple of thousand dollars in medical bills, which was reduced by the Plaintiff’s share of negligence.

Economic damages: $10,000

Verdict: $1,260

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