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Autumn Wilbur v. Don Curtis

Court: Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Gregg County, Texas

Cause No.: S1-28-14

Trial Date: September 15, 2014

Summary: The parties were traveling in the same direction on Gilmer Road, in Longview, Texas. Defendant was trying to execute a right-hand turn to enter a private driver. Defendant was hauling a goose-neck trailer, and claims he swung around wide to make the turn, veering partly into the inside lane of traffic without fully yielding the outside lane. Plaintiff said Defendant started off in the left lane and just turned right, directly in front of her causing the collision.

The officer who worked the accident placed all fault on the Defendant. No tickets were issued. Both vehicles in the accident were totaled.

Case Type: Personal Injury

Economic Damages: $7,022.00

Last demand: $9,928.00

Evaluated Amount: $3,000.00

Verdict: $4,500.00

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