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Saenz v. Collins

7th District Court for Smith County, Texas

Cause No.: 16-1188-A

Trial Date: February 12-13, 2018

Summary: Plaintiff claimed to have been injured in an automobile accident in a parking lot of an apartment complex near UT Tyler. Plaintiff drove a shuttle for the university, and would pick students up from the apartment complex and take them to various parts of the campus. As Plaintiff was executing a turn in the parking lot, Defendant t-boned Plaintiff’s vehicle, though at a low-to moderate rate of speed, given that it was in a parking lot. Plaintiff claimed neck and back injuries, and ultimately had a 3 level fusion to his lumbar spine. His health insurance paid for his surgery, so his total medical bills were only around $38,000.00. Due to the pain from the back injury and the limitations from surgery, Plaintiff claimed to have lost around $28,800 in wages, as well. The jury did not believe the surgery was related to the accident, and placed 50% of the fault for the accident on the plaintiff. The jury awarded only $200 for the first doctor’s visit and $200 in lost wages. However, with liability evenly split, the verdict is really for only $200 total.

Case Type: Personal Injury

Economic Damages: $56,800.00

Verdict: $200.00

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