Guy v. Pruett

Guy v. Pruett

159th District Court for Angelina County, Texas

Cause No.: CV-0039-16-09

Trial Date: March 12, 19, 2018

Summary: This was an interesting case. Plaintiff and Defendant were stopped adjacently at a 4-way intersection, controlled by a traffic signal. My client got a left-turn signal, and he began to go through the intersection. Plaintiff’s vehicle was stopped at a red light to Defendant’s left. As Defendant was making his turn, his rear-wheels lost traction, and he started fishtailing, ultimately t-boning Plaintiff’s vehicle on the driver’s side. Plaintiff complained of neck and back injuries, and ultimately began a series of neurotomies. I argued my client was not negligent, that the bills were inflated, and that Plaintiff had fully recovered.

Economic damages: $55,000.00

Verdict: No negligence

Kind, et al. v. Pirtle

4th District Court for Rusk County, Texas

Cause No.: 2017-145

Trial Date: February 26-27, 2018

Summary: The accident occurred when my client looked down at her phone and rear-ended the Plaintiff’s vehicle. The Plaintiffs were on an on-ramp, about to merge onto the loop in Henderson. Defendant thought they were going onto the loop and moving when she looked down, and didn’t realize they were still directly in front of her. The plaintiffs both had soft-tissue neck and back injuries. One plaintiff had a total of $6,696.71 in medical bills, and the other had $14,431.72. No lost wages were claimed, as both Plaintiffs were retired.

Case Type: Personal Injury

Economic Damages: $21,128.43

Verdict: $32,628.43

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