Willie Grant and Betty Jean Grant v. Stevie McGrath and Joseph Davis

Court: County Court at Law No. 2, Gregg County

Cause No.: 2010-1421-CCL2

Trial Date: September 12, 2011

Summary: My client, Stevie McGrath, rear-ended Plaintiffs. Liability was clear. Davis, the co-Defendant, was driving behind McGrath and his car struck McGrath’s after McGrath collided into Plaintiffs’ vehicle. Davis had no liability and was found not liable. Plaintiffs went to the ER the day after the accident and treated with a chiropractor thereafter. Additionally, they both had an ESI injection.

Economic Damages: Plaintiffs’ total medical bills combined were $13,943.91.

Last Demand: $20,000.00

EA: $12,500.00

Verdict: $13,943.91 awarded to Plaintiffs.