Should I settle or go to court for a personal injury case?

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“What would you do?” is a question that we’re all used to asking professionals—from doctors to car mechanics. We want to know what their years of expertise, education, and instincts are telling them in this situation.

Another way to put it is: if you were in my shoes, what would be your next steps? Can you give me straightforward advice about my situation? Can you walk me through the pros and cons of the decision at hand?

At the McGuire Firm, these questions are welcome. I get asked “what would you do?” often as a lawyer. People ask me what advice I would offer to my wife or child in a given situation.

Sometimes, the advice I would give to the people closest to me is to settle.

If I sincerely believe that you have been offered a reasonable amount of money for the injury that you’ve suffered, then I will advise you to take this proposed settlement and walk away.

Sometimes the best advice for your situation may be to say “no” to the settlement offered and to go try your case.

You and the insurance company may have radically different views of what a case is worth. You can trust us to help you determine if a jury is likely to award you more than what the insurance company is offering.

Ask us what we would do in a given situation. We’re happy to have an honest conversation about how to handle your case.

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