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Serafin Martinez v. Tom Rice, et al.

Court: The Justice Court, Precinct 2, Place 1, Trinity County, Texas

Cause No.: 578-2014

Trial Date: April 20, 2015

Summary: Plaintiff owns a restaurant in Trinity, Texas. My client, Rom Rice, was leaving the restaurant with his wife. He pulled out onto the highway to turn left. Meanwhile the co-defendant, Haley Abernathy, swerved to miss him, overcorrected, and ran into Plaintiff’s sign. Plaintiff had a quote to repair the sign at $9,500.00.

I argued for splitting the liability and I argued that the quote was ridiculously high.

Economic Damages: $10,000.00

Last demand: $10,000.00

EA: $5,000.00

Verdict: $3,250.00

Jury awarded $6,500.00 total, split evenly between the defendants.

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