Mitchell, et al. v. Alexander

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Mitchell, et al. v. Alexander

2nd District Court for Cherokee County, Texas

Cause No.: 2016-11-0744

Trial Date: June 19, 2018

Summary: This case involved a head-on collision. My client turned left in front Plaintiffs’ vehicle, which had 3 occupants. Two of the Plaintiffs settled before trial. The third, who was a front-seat passenger, went to trial. He suffered 4 broken ribs in the accident, was taken by EMS to the ER, where he incurred about $37,000 in medical bills. He filed suit a few months later, and several months after that was referred to a chiropractor by his attorney. The chiropractor billed over $8,000. Plaintiff claimed he now had to use a cane to walk as a result of the accident and that, even though he was already on disability for neck and back issues, he now had increased neck and back pain. Plaintiff asked for $150,000 from the jury. I asked that they award $41,000.

Economic damages: $45,497.41

Verdict: $42,006.41

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