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Kenneth Johnson and Christopher Johnson v. Karen Edwards

Court: 7th District Court, Smith County, Texas

Cause No.: 13-2162-A

Trial Date: July 22, 2014

Summary: Plaintiffs and Defendant collided in the intersection at a four-way stop near Tyler, Texas. No injuries were reported at the scene. Both cars were drivable. Defendant was cited for failure to yield right of way. Plaintiffs treated two days after the accident at a Care Now Clinic in Dallas, where they’re from. Two weeks later, Plaintiffs began treating with a chiropractor. Plaintiffs also both had MRIs of their cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spines. Plaintiffs’ last day of treatment, according to the medical records, was almost three months after the accident. Christopher’s medical bills were $18,000+. Kenneth’s medical bills, which were in evidence, were approximately $8,500.00. I argued it was a minor collision with no injuries.

Case Type: Personal Injury

Economic damages Christopher: $18,000.00

Economic damages Kenneth: $8,500.00

Last demand: $24,000.00 total

Evaluated Amount Christopher: $7,475.00

Evaluated Amount Kenneth: $7,275.00

Verdict: Kenneth Johnson was found to be 90% at fault, with Karen Edwards 10% at fault. Jury did not answer the damages question as to Kenneth Johnson because it was conditionally submitted. Jury awarded $14.30 in damages to Christopher Johnson, representing her first visit to Care Now a couple days after the accident.

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