Gage, et al. v. Chavez, et al.

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CCL-2 for Gregg County, Texas

Cause No.: 2017-1723-CCL2

May 21-22, 2019

Case Type: Personal Injury

Summary: This case involved a relatively minor impact at a red-light. My client rear-ended the Plaintiffs, who were on their way to a doctor’s appointment for Mr. Gage. Essentially, my client thought the Plaintiffs would go through a yellow light—she sped up, and they stopped, thus the collision. The tricky part of this case is that my client didn’t have a driver’s license. She had been in this country since she was three, but she is ineligible to get a license. Typically, this is not admissible as to either a plaintiff or a defendant. But in this case my Ms. Chavez’s fiancé had loaned her the vehicle, so there was a claim against him in this matter for what’s called negligent entrustment—the idea that if you loan your vehicle to an unlicensed or incompetent driver, then you’re responsible for any damages caused by that driver’s negligence. Because of that claim, the lack of a driver’s license was admissible. During jury selection, the jury pane lit up on that issue. So I was just candid with them about the reason. Fortunately, my clients were both very likable, and relatable, which is so often what really matters in any litigation. Mr. Gage had $8,095.74 in medical bills, and was awarded those plus $3,000. Mrs. Gage had $13,102.00 in past medical bills, and was awarded that plus $1,000. The Plaintiff’s counsel asked for an award of over $100,000 between the two Plaintiffs. I asked the jury to award a range, which included the numbers they actually awarded.

Economic damages: $21,197.74

Verdict: $24,197.74

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